Bathroom Products

Try these bathroom cleaning products to make every inch of your washroom sparkle.

Product Name Product Description
Air Fresh Cherry Liquid air freshener
Hand Soap Blue Dispenser soap refill – all fragrances
Deo Blocks Deodorising cubes
Germ Buster Pine Liquid pine disinfectant
Shower Gel Shower gel / Body wash / Bubble bath
Citro Gel General disinfectant gel cleaner
Pine Gel General disinfectant gel cleaner
Toilet Bowl Cleaner Bowl / urinal wall cleaner
Trio Cleaner All in one cleaner / deodoriser and disinfectant
Plumbclear Liquid for unblocking pipes
Porta Pit Portable toilet liquid
D60 Powder Portable toilet powder
Classic Clean All purpose cleaner
Hand Sterile Alcohol based waterless hand cleaner
Window Bright Window cleaner